Can A Memory Foam Pillow Be Washed?

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When choosing a pillow, it's like choosing a life partner, a somewhat partner in crime. Getting the pad of my dreams was a journey that I can't say I enjoyed as it resulted in neck aches and me feeling like I was working g all night instead of resting. That's when I found the pillow of my dreams, a memory foam pillow. These pillows are the most comfortable pillows ever made and get this; they were designed for astronauts as rocket seat cushions! Isn't that as classy as hell?

I use a solid memory foam pillow instead of the shredded ones, and it has changed the way I sleep. Before I used the foam pillow, my sleep used to be hectic, and I never enjoyed rest like everybody else. From tiresome slumbers and waking up to horrific neck aches in the morning used to be the order of the day. So I made a stand and decided to research the best pillow available and voila I came across the foam pillows. And as they said, the rest is history after I purchased my own.

One time, something downright horrific happened. I came home from work, and there, right in the middle of my pillow, was this big stain that stunk to the heavens! My boyfriend's cat had used my pillow as a potty and didn't seem to mind the damage. How on earth was I going to clean that? Ultimately led to the question, can memory foam pillows be washed?

The answer is no! Washing the pillow is a terrible idea, and that will cost you another pillow search. Machine washing a memory foam pillow would ultimately lead to sagging of the cushion as the solid foam pillow is not designed to spin and tumble. The shredded foam pillow can be machine washed but not frequently either, and please, before doing that, go through the manufacturer's instructions as others cannot be machine washed.

Instead of washing the pillow, which will make it short live its usefulness, washing the pillow covers instead can be a big help. I use removable covers that can be cleaned as regularly as my bed covers so the pad stays clean and comfortable. Most memory foam pillows come with their removable covers that can be machine washed from time to time. I ensure that the material of my covers is either linen or cotton.

If the stain went through to the pillow and not just the covers, there are more natural ways to clean the pad without necessarily washing it, and may I suggest using these alternatives. These alternatives may also vary according to the type of stain you want to remove.

clean memory foam pillow

How do you clean a foam pillow?

Let's start with my case, a pet urine stain. As mad as I was, I realized that that could have happened to anyone, and Blacky just wanted a comfortable nap. I decided to channel my anger into finding a working solution was the only thing running in my head, and after a lot of failed experiments, I finally found the one that works.

1. The first thing I did was to remove the cover and use a towel to remove as much of the smelly liquid as possible.
2. After making a solution of baking soda, white vinegar, and a cup of bleach, preferably hydrogen peroxide, I used a sponge to apply the answer on the stain and left it like that for over 8hours.
3. Since my precious pillow still had the odour, I applied the solution using the sponge until the smell was gone entirely before using cold, clean water to wipe it.
4. Lastly, I air dried it until it was perfectly dry before using it again. Oh, and I gave the cat back to the owner, so we cool now, and my pillow is safe and sound.

5. If the stain is something small like a coffee spill or something, follow the procedure below.

6. Remove the casing and wipe the spill immediately with a spongy towel.
7. Use a mixture of Luke warm water and detergent to dap at the stain with a piece of clothing.
8. Gently rub cloth circularly until the stain is no longer visible.
Air-dry the pillow

In case the stain is tough such as that of blood, the cleaning procedure is upgraded a little.

After removing the casing, wipe using a small amount of bleach and a sponge until bubbling stops upon contact.
Now wipe with a sponge dipped in cold water but leave it wet.
Use a toothbrush to rub on the stain until it comes off gently.
Air-dry it thoroughly before using g it.

Although I air dried my pillow, it took too long to dry, and I agree that not everyone has the time to wait that long. Instead of air drying, I also had the option of a fan drying it, putting it out on the sun, or just using my hair drier but setting it to cool before using it.

Sometimes, it's not a stain that can prompt someone to clean their foam pillows. Regular cleaning for hygiene purposes has inspired me to take out my pillow for washing. Since washing is not an option, here are some tips I use to ensure I have a clean pad.

I remove the casing and lie the pillow on a flat surface before sprinkling it with baking soda and leave it out in the sun for at least 2hours.
I then vacuum the baking soda up using a padding brush with spines.

If I want to do some deep cleaning, the procedure is different.

I fill my bathtub with warm water and a little detergent.
I then put the pillow inside entirely before applying light pressure in the form of squeezing rather than full-on wringing it to ensure that the soapy mixture goes into the right places.
I drain the tub and hold the pillow in clean running water until it runs clear as I gently keep squeezing. 
I then turn off the tap and slowly but carefully keep squeezing it without twisting to break the form. I then sun dry it for at least 24hrs.

Can you steam clean a memory form pillow?

The answer is yes. A steam cleaner can remove deep stains that other cleaning cannot and still help dry the foam by removing any moisture.

How do you revive a memory foam pillow?

After all these cleaning and years of excellent service, the memory foam pillow can start sagging. Here are tips to help you revive it.

  • Shake, shake, and shake that baby. Shaking and flipping it over allows the foam inside to spread out and remove the moisture trapped inside.
  • Fluff the pillow regularly. Be it by hand or the dryer or by air drying it outside.
    Massage the pillow in a kneading kind of way
  • Another fantastic trick is putting tennis balls inside a sock and putting it inside the dryer together with your pillow. It works perfectly by adding fluffiness to my pillow.

Fluffing my pillow is a health trick. It's good for the head, neck, and spine, but I also get a good night's sleep.

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