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How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

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You just bought a new memory foam mattress, or maybe someone gifted it to you. Congrats on that. The next thing is figuring out how to make it expand faster. Let’s get right to it so that you can start enjoying your first night in the comfort of your new mattress as soon as possible. Take below steps to expand your memory foam mattress:

Step 1: Take the mattress off the box and peel off the plastic material used to package it. Ensure you use your hands for this process. Avoid using a pair of scissors or a knife, as they may damage the foam on the mattress. 
Step 2: unroll the foam mattress and place it in a well-ventilated room for it to adjust to the room temperature. You will start noticing that within an hour or two, the bed will begin expanding. Follow this procedure in any season, especially during the winter. 
Step 3: Manually expand the mattress. You now have to start separating the different layers by pulling the sheets uniformly and carefully. Don’t apply too much force; you might accidentally tear the foam inside the mattress or the cover. If you feel any resistance, give it some time to expand more before trying again. 
Step 4: Give the mattress some time and allow it to expand. Give it up to 72 hours. This time is enough for it to return to its original size and shape. 
Step 5: Put the mattress on the bed and spread your favorite bed sheets. Start enjoying your new memory foam mattress!

memory foam mattress expansion

What to Do When Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Expanding

We sometimes buy a new memory foam mattresses and find that it’s not expanding even after giving it the 72-hour timeline. If you notice after 72 hours that the bed is not expanding, call the manufacturer and inform them. They will advise you what to do, depending on the type of mattress you bought. Some manufacturers will even take a step to replace the mattress if it’s not expanding even after following their recommendations. 

Never forget that different memory foam mattresses have different adjustable and expansion times. This time often depends on the model, materials used to build it, and the manufacturer. Nevertheless, 72 hours is the maximum amount of time a mattress should take to expand. Some can take even 12 to 24 hours to develop fully.

What Happens If You Don't Wait 24 Hours for the Memory Foam to Expand?

Most memory foam mattresses come with an instruction manual to allow up to 24 hours to expand. Once fully expanded, you can assess the mattress for any damages or defects. Using the bedding before 24 hours are over will not damage it. This may, in fact, help the mattress to expand faster through the help of your body’s heat. If you can’t wait up to 24 hours to use the bed, we recommend to at least wait 4-12 hours. 

The first 4-6 hours after the unboxing of a new memory foam mattress is when most expansion occurs. This time is referred to as the off-gassing period. During the development, the mattress lets off all the chemicals in form of gas. While off-gassing is not unhealthy for regular people, you should step out of the room if you have asthma, it may cause discomfort. While some manufacturers claim that their mattresses take minutes to a few hours to expand fully, it’s crucial to have all the mattress details before buying it. 

The Three Factors That Affect the Expansion of Memory Foam Mattresses

While memory foam mattresses take different amounts of time to expand depending on the manufacture, three constant factors affect this expansion time. Below are the three elements: 

1. Temperature: All foam materials expand faster in warmer temperatures. Heat increases the fluidity of the material and reduces its viscosity. This means it is easier to mold the material. 
2. Thickness: The depth and thickness of the foam will significantly affect its expansion time. Thinner foam toppers take less time to expand, while thick pillows and mattresses may take longer. If the memory foam mattress is too thick, consider cutting the topper of the mattress to allow for quicker expansion. 
3. Density: The denser the foam, the longer it will take to expand. Different manufacturers produce their forms differently. The denser it is, the more firm the foam is. 

Why Does Memory Foam Require Expansion?

Memory foam mattresses and pillows are crammed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled inside a plastic bag to fit in a box for easier shipping. Once you receive and open the packaging, the mattress takes up to 72 hours, with some taking less time to expand. To make this expansion faster, we advise that you leave it in a well-ventilated and warm room with a natural and free flow of air. 

Does Memory Foam Soften With Time?

Memory foams are popular due to how the material molds itself to the body. Most people buy memory foam mattresses due to the support they provide. We don’t know when we first purchase the bed because it may take a while to reap these benefits. The mattress is firmer when new and will take a little more time to decompose. Patience is key! Use below three tips to break your new bedding:

1. Crawl and walk on it
Kneading and massaging the mattress with your knees and walking on it from time to time is the most effective way to break it. This method is used to make display mattresses from the shop softer. 

2. Be patient
Memory foam eventually becomes soft as long as you sleep on it. Your body weight is enough to cause the compression to soften the foam. Your new mattress just needs a few days to a few weeks to become soft. Be patient, and the bed will eventually break. 

3. Adjust your bedroom’s temperature
Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to temperature. This sensitivity makes the mattress react to your body. Higher temperatures cause the mattress to become viscous and more flexible. When temperatures are more relaxed, the mattress becomes more firm, thus less flexible. Warming up your bedroom will quickly soften the foam and mold it to your body when you lie in it readily. 

The memory foam mattress, often referred to as- bed in a box, is among the best mattresses in the market today. The mattress realigns the hips, neck, and spine, effectively adjusting sleeping postures while uniformly distributing your body weight. Long-term use of memory foam mattresses is known to reduce chronic neck and back pain. It also improves breathing when sleeping and is suitable for people with prolonged respiratory problems. Most memory foam mattresses are made from materials resistant to dust mite and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for promoting good health. 

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