Shredded Memory Foam Pillow vs. Solid Memory Foam

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Waking up in the morning needs to be a relaxing and fulfilling experience. However, if you regularly wake up with neck aches and a flat pillow, then you have to consider switching to memory form. These memory foam pillows are increasingly becoming popular due to their ability to relieve pressure from your spine. These pillows work by conforming to your neck and head, thus giving you that peaceful night's sleep.

However, buying the best memory foam pillow that suits you is not as easy as it seems. When you visit the store, you will come across two distinct styles of memory foam – shredded and solid. Understanding the difference between the two will help you pick the right foam pillow for you. Below is an in-depth comparison between shredded memory foam and solid memory foam pillows.

Solid Memory Foam pillow

 Also known as a one-piece or aka molded, the solid memory foam pillow is fully packed to the core with foam cells. Dense blocks help create solid memory foam pillows. They are specially designed to improve body temperature and support easy movement.

 The solid memory foam pillow will hold its shape all night long. You will, therefore, get a supportive and consistent feel across the pillow's entire surface. Most people go for this type of foam pillows due to the cradling effects that it delivers.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The shredded memory foam pillow comprises of tiny individual foam portions. Its unique design allows for better airflow, thus dispersing heat effectively while maintaining a relaxed sleeping environment.

 The shredded memory foam pillow is ideal for individuals looking to customize their pillows. You get to quickly adjust these pillows to all different kinds of sleep positions. Finally, it is a washable design that is long-lasting.

Shredded Memory Foam vs. Solid Memory Foam

1. Affordability

 The solid memory form pillows are cheaper than the shredded memory foam pillows. While solid memory foam costs about $50, the shredded memory foam goes for about $57. Although the price range isn't extensive, it makes a big difference for individuals on a budget. Understand that a higher price does not guarantee quality.

 2. Durability

 The shredded memory foam pillow tends to last longer when compared to solid memory foam. The longevity of the shredded option is due to its ability to be fluffed. Note that both types will lose support over an extended period. You need to change both the solid and shredded memory foam pillows after three to four years.

3. Support

 Both shredded memory and solid memory foam pillows provide adequate support to their users. However, 18% of shredded memory foam pillow owners notice a reduction in neck pain. Only about 8% of solid memory form pillow owners see a decrease in neck pain.

 4. Maintenance

One-piece memory foam pillows don't require the occasional fluffing. Shredded memory foam pillows, on the other hand, need fluffing often. The good news is that you get to machine wash the shredded memory foam pillows. The one-piece counterpart can only be spot cleaned, making it quite inconvenient to some individuals.

5. Moldable

 Shredded, unlike solid, memory form pillows offer a little bit of moldability. As stated earlier, the shredded memory foam pillows have small individual pieces. These different pieces make it much easier to mold the pillows according to the user's desires. Solid memory foam pillows aren't moldable at all.

 6. Clumping

 The one-piece memory foam pillows don't have any moving parts, which means that the content won't shift. The shredded memory foam pillows, on the other hand, have less stable materials that may shift during the night.

 The solid memory foam pillows are convenient for individuals who shift sleeping positions often during the night. The pressure relief of the solid foam pillow is, therefore, slightly better than that of the shredded memory foam pillow.

down pillow feather

Are down pillows better than memory foam?

 Down pillows are more cuddly and softer when compared to the memory foam pillows. These pillows offer moldability at the expense of support. Now, the memory foam pillows cradle the natural curves of the head and neck to provide more support.

 The memory foam pillows are better suited for people who prefer a higher loft or suffer from neck pain. However, note that how you sleep 

What is a bamboo shredded memory foam pillow?

 Bamboo shredded memory foam pillows are made with bamboo-based casings and filled with shredded memory foam. Combining the two aspects ensures that they provide both support and comfort to the user.

 The bamboo fibers exhibit greater strength when compared to other pillow fabric. The shredded foam gives the user an improved sleeping experience since it conforms to their head and neck shape. Many people prefer bamboo pillows since they are light, breathable, and delicate.

Bamboo pillows, however, tend to have a strong chemical smell. According to most users, the smell goes away after about a month of use. If you decide to get a bamboo shredded memory foam pillow, you need to let it dry thoroughly after washing. Doing this will help avoid the fungal and musty smell of wet bamboo.

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How long do shredded foam pillows last?

 Medical practitioners and health advisers recommend that you change shredded memory foam pillows every two-three years. Although some of these pillows are made from high-quality material and last longer, four years is the maximum lifespan.

 Understand that pillows get exposed to human dead skin, dust mites, and oils. Not replacing your pillows can, therefore, lead to severe health conditions.

How long does it take to get used to a shredded memory foam pillow?

 Getting used to a new shredded memory foam pillow can take some time. You may need five days or more before you start experiencing pain relief and increased comfort. Ensure you find a pillow type that suits your needs. You must always remember comfort should be paramount when you go for one.

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