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Our Top 4 Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

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These are our top picks for the best Egyptian cotton sheets. You might be thinking that all Egyptian cotton sheets are great, but not necessarily. Here's what you should look for when you're on the hunt for Egyptian cotton sheets, as well as give you a close look at some of our personal favorites.

Not all Egyptian cotton is created equally so when you are on the hunt for Egyptian cotton sheets there are a few key things you want to look out for. First, if on the packaging it says extra-long or long staple Egyptian cotton that's a good sign.

Second are you sure these sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton? If the packaging says 100% long staple or extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that's a good sign. That said, there are some instances where blending Egyptian cotton with another high-quality material can actually boost durability and bring some unique perks to the table. We're going to take a close look at one of those examples below, so without further ado let's get into the sheets.

Top 4: Egyptian Cotton Sheets

parachute sateen sheet set

Sateen sheet set from Parachute

First up on the list is one of our personal all-time favorite sheet sets the sateen sheet set from Parachute. This is an example of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton that's giving it great durability, great color retention, resistance to pilling, and you can really feel the durability of the sheets. The sheets can have a gorgeous luster that comes from the sateen weave, but parachute does offer this in a percale set as well. If you do prefer more of a crisp feel and a matte appearance, you can go with this option but it will still be made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, so you know it's still going to bring that really smooth feel and great durability.

Something that's worth noting about this particular sheet set is that even after running this through the wash and dry cycle many times, its color retention is very impressive. It's resistance to pilling the ability to keep this luster even after it's been washed so many times. That is thanks to the superior quality of long staple Egyptian cotton, and the price of this sheet set ranges from about $109 to $169 depending on the size you get depending on whether you choose the percale sheets set or the sateen sheet set.

snow percale sheet set

Percale sheets set from Snow

Next up is the percale sheets set from snow - again made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. These are similar to parachute, and this brand does offer the same sheet set made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton in a sateen weave. People who first of all like a more minimal aesthetic will like these, as it is just sort of plain white very solid no designs. These people might also be looking for that really cozy and super crisp cotton hand feel. If this is you, these might be right up your alley. Additionally, this particular sheet set features a 500 thread count.

Now thread count is certainly not always an indicator of sheet quality, however, it does usually correlate fairly well. Thread count basically refers to the individual yarns per square inch. Because this sheet is 500 that's pretty high so we're getting the individual yarns that make up the sheet woven clooser together, so there's less gapping which means it's less rough and more smooth. Therefore, you're getting this wonderful crispness from the percale weave, this really nice smooth factor from the 500 thread count, and of course the long staple Egyptian cotton which is giving this great durability.

Depending on the size of the sheets you get and whether you choose the percale or sateen, these snow sheet sets run from about $188 to $228. The sateen set is going to be slightly more lustrous and a little bit silkier, feeling a little less crisp but depending on the weave style and the size that you choose Again this depends on what you get.

Luxor Linens Delano organic sheet set

Delano organic sheet set from Luxor Linens

Okay, up next is the Delano organic sheet set from Luxor Linens. This sheet set is made from a blend of long staple Egyptian cotton and bamboo. The reason this made our list is that this blending of Egyptian cotton and bamboo does not dilute the quality at all. In fact, quite the opposite so we know what long staple Egyptian cotton is bringing to the table - great durability, a softer finish, but bamboo fibers have their own thing going on. First of all, bamboo fibers are also known for their superior durability but also bamboo based bedding has a reputation for being naturally moisture-wicking so hot sleepers or folks prone to night sweats are gonna be particularly comfortable with bamboo bedding. Additionally, it's a sustainably sourced material so there's like an eco-friendly perk there as well.

However, bamboo based bedding is so silky smooth not to mention bamboo based bedding and Egyptian cotton both get softer with every wash so we can tell you that of all the sheet sets we're looking at here, this sheet set truly is the softest. It's like lusciously soft and you will really enjoy rolling around in the sheet set - you won't be able to stop rubbing your hands all over it. The people at Luxor linens described this sheet set as both lusciously soft and eco-friendly and really you can't really disagree. All that said I would definitely classify these as luxury linens and they do come with a luxury price tag ranging from about $235 to $350 depending on the size set that you get.

Pure Prima yalda sheet set

Last but not least is the only one of these sheet sets that actually comes with a certification from the Egyptian cotton Association. The pure Prima yalda sheet set now this sheet set is made from 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that is certified hand-picked from the Nile River Valley. So this, in our opinion, is really giving you the best sense of what pure extra long staple Egyptian cotton is like and that extra factor really does make a difference. You can just feel how flawlessly smooth it is.

The sheet set is also sateen woven into a 400 thread count so you're getting this beautiful luster which by the way does not diminish at all after washing it. That extra long fiber factor is giving you really great color retention but also a great retention of that sateen sheen. The sheet set is not only super silky and smooth to the touch, it's also very durable and it's also probably going to help hot sleepers stay cool at night.

Additionally, both the top sheet and the pillowcases feature this really pretty double open hem stitch which in our opinion just boosts the luxurious aesthetic of the sheet set. In our opinion, this just a gorgeous set of sheets and price ranges depending on the size you get from about $195 to $260.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Egyptian cotton the best for sheets?

Regarded as an extreme quality cotton, Egyptian cotton is considered superior to all of the remainder. Sheets made out of long-staple or extra-long fibers are considered the ideal. Egyptian cotton develops along the River Nile. It is very silky, breathable and also highly absorbent.

Do Egyptian cotton sheets get softer?

Regarded as an extreme quality cotton, Egyptian cotton is considered superior to all of the remainder. Sheets made out of long-staple or extra-long fibers are considered the ideal. Egyptian cotton develops along the River Nile. It is very silky, breathable and also highly absorbent.

Can I tumble dry Egyptian cotton sheets?

If you have to tumble dry your Egyptian Cotton bedding, make sure that you employ a comparatively low heat. Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as you can after the cycle has completed and fold them. ... Iron the sheets whilst they're still slightly damp with the iron set to a low heat.


If you want to know more about Egyptian cotton or you want to know more about these specific sheet sets be sure to check out our other pages on the site about Egyptian cotton. Before you go, remember to keep these three things in mind when shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets:

Do Your Research -- Occasionally, advertising and marketing can be somewhat misleading. So, we always suggest that, before you invest in a fresh set of sheets, you do your own research. Whether it's flipping through brand websites to read the "materials description," checking the packaging labels, or chatting with a sales agent , you should always check to make sure you're getting real Egyptian cotton.

Search for Length -- And what should you're looking for in these descriptions of materials? Staple length and purity. If the packaging promotes long or extra-long principles, then that is a fantastic sign that you're working with pure Egyptian cotton. If there's no mention of staple length anyplace about the packaging or the website, you're probably dealing with bad Egyptian cotton. Also (though there may be exceptions), you should look to get 100% Egyptian cotton to be certain you're reaping the full benefits of this material.

Check Prices -- At the end of the day, quality costs. That is the reason why a great set of Egyptian cotton sheets is typically $100 or more. Consequently, if you've found Egyptian cotton sheets that sell for $30, that is a warning signal, and you should definitely look more carefully at the precise materials used in the item.

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