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How Long Do Memory Foam Pillows Last?

How Long Do Memory Foam Pillows Last
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Memory foam pillows are a great alternative to their more traditional down and synthetic pillows made in the traditional way – they do wonders for your back and neck, make you wake up feeling energized and refreshed instead of like you’ve just survived a car crash, and can actually help reduce the risk of injuring your upper spine.

Do Memory Foam Pillows Last

While that’s great and all, there is the question of a memory foam pillow’s longevity and usefulness. In general, how long do memory foam pillows last? When should you start considering a replacement? Is investing in such a pillow a smart idea if you need to replace it more frequently than a traditional one? Find the answers to all these questions out and more by reading on!

memory foam pillow’s longevity

Regular Replacement

Judging solely by the years of usefulness you can get out of them, memory foam pillows are at a disadvantage when compared to pillows that are feather and down filled, and a bit better off than pillows with synthetic filling. Organic pillows are well in the lead here as one can serve you faithfully for as much as seven years before there’s a need to replace them.

Synthetic pillows tend to deflate very quickly and can lose their shape after only a year of use with only better-quality ones making it past the 18-month and 2-year mark. Memory foam pillows can go strong for as much as three years before it’s finally time to throw in the towel.

Of course, those are just the averages – you might find that your pillow isn’t offering as much support as it used to far sooner, or vice versa. There is a trick you can use to check if the memory foam inside has still got it. Its primary function is to bounce back into the original shape – if that fails to happen, you’re pretty much saddled with a dead pillow.

To check if yours is still alive and kicking, fold the foam in two and place a book or similar weight onto it. Let this sit for an hour or so, remove the book and watch what happens. A pillow that’s still good will eventually assume the pillow shape you’re used to. If it never quite folds out or noticeably slumps where the fold has been, even after several hours, you need a new one.

Early and Unexpected Replacement

You can’t count just on a pillow’s resilience to be the only factor in its replacement – changes in your habits or flaws in the pillow itself, which may not have been evident at first glance, may cause you to have to get a new one earlier than intended.

While some of us are diehard supporters of one style of sleeping our entire lives, others like to experiment and adopt a totally different one. If you've bought a memory foam pillow intended for side sleeping and decide to try sleeping on your back for a while, or vice versa, you’ll find that the pillow’s shape puts the neck in an awkward and painful position once you make the transition, making it practically obsolete if you stick with it.

Maintaining Your Memory Foam Pillow

Accidents are always a possibility too – something might spill onto your pillow and cause it to deform. Since memory foam pillows aren’t intended to be cleaned with water and can only withstand spot cleaning, there’s nothing left but to throw yours in the trash.

The environment you live in plays a role as well. Regardless of how well-kept your bedroom is, years of sleeping on the same memory pillow will cause it to absorb a lot of dead skin cells, dust mites and who knows what else.

If the conditions are damp enough and the cover you’re using doesn’t do a good enough job go wicking sweat away, the pillow can develop mold which leads to all kinds of health problems.

Maintaining Your Memory Foam Pillow

There is a way to squeeze a few more months of perfectly good use out of your memory foam pillow, provided you take care of it regularly and with forethought. Keeping the pillow aerated is crucial – you should place it in a cool place with good air flow every month or two and let all the accumulated odors and dampness get our during the daytime.

Those dead cells and mites mentioned above can be kept at bay too if you use a protective cover specially designed to be porous and let sweat evaporate freely while being dense enough for dust and other particles to not be able to squeeze through.


Even though three years doesn’t seem like a long time to be using your memory foam pillow, the relatively low cost of buying a replacement tends to even things out.

Taking the plunge and buying a memory foam pillow was a smart move on your part; now all you have to do is continue the streak of good decisions and update regularly. Since you now know what to look for and when to buy, using your pillow to its fullest potential will be easy

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