Motion Activated Night Lights

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We have all experienced the problem of not being able to see during the night when we get out of bed to either use the bathroom or to get a midnight snack. Turning the bright light on in order to see can sometimes frustrate and wake up the person that we’re sleeping with.

That’s why you should consider purchasing a motion activated night light. Night lights have the ability to shine just enough at night in order to help you see around the house. Not only that, but motion activated night lights are the most beneficial because you simply have to walk by them and they can detect your movement, shining the light right afterwards.

It can be difficult to find the best type of motion activated night light for your specific purposes, especially when you aren’t sure what it is you’re looking for. That being said, here are the best motion activated lights and their reviews.

Top 5: Motion Activated Night Lights

​AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

These lights from Auvon are highly recommended because they use passive infrared technology, and they have five different modes that you can use. More specifically, they have two different brightness modes as well as three lighting modes that you can alter to fit your preference.

Furthermore, these lights can save energy and are safe, since they’re designed with a fire resistant PC material that can save the amount of energy you use in order to see at nighttime.


  • Turns off 20 seconds after motion detection
  • 5 different modes
  • Energy efficient


  • Requires you to alter the settings on the device itself

You should check out this eufy light because it emits just the right amount of light in order to guide you throughout your house in the middle of the night. It doesn’t flicker light other lights do, so it’s able to offer relaxing and stress-free results.

Moreover, this night light is constructed with a diffuser as well as a guiding plate that can prevent the light from flickering or administering a harsh glare. 


  • check
    Relaxing illumination
  • Protects against eye strain
  • Compact


  • Emits a more white/blue light, so it can affect sleep

Toilet Night Light 2Pack by Ailun Motion Activated LED Light 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Nightlight for Bathroom Battery Not Included Perfect Decorating Combination Along with Water Faucet Light

These lights are especially beneficial for nighttime use, since they can help you see exactly where the toilet is in the middle of the night without making you turn the light on. They can easily be installed on the side of the toilet, and they detect motion right from the side of the bowl.

You also have the ability to choose between eight single colors, and the compact device can easily be cleaned with practically any household cleaner. 


  • check
    Easy cleaning
  • Helps to outline the toilet bowl
  • 8 color settings


  • Only shines the bowl, not the rest of the bathroom

Vont LED Night Light (Plug-in), Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Automatic Night Lights, Suitable for Bedroom, Bathroom, Toilet,Stairs,Kitchen,Hallway,Kids,Adults,Compact Nightlight, Energy, Cool White (6)

These Vont lights are suggested for you because they don’t administer a glare, and they have the ability to turn on when it gets dark. Given that, you can easily place these lights in the hallway or along the floor outlets in most bedrooms.

These lights are also energy efficient and they offer a compact design that allows you to use the other outlets around it. 


  • check
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and glare-free


  • Produces a blue light, which is problematic for sleeping

VAVA Home VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids, LED Nursery Lamp with Free Stickers, Safe ABS+PC, Adjustable Brightness, 80 Hours Runtime, Cool Warm White

If you prefer bells and whistles, then the Joseche Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Sleep Headphones is the golden ticket for your ideal sleeping experience! This mask is known to have everything! Designed to look like a sports headband, it is practical and stylish all at the same time. Made with a fantastic fleece material, they serve as an excellent pair of ear warmers that are complementary to outdoor activity. The most redeeming quality of this product would have to be the Bluetooth capability, you can listen to whatever your heart desires! One of the best travel sleep masks you can find. This mask gives you warmth, comfort and performance. 

This mask comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery and USB cable with rechargeable capabilities. You can get 10-12 hours of use before having to charge again! Also, the fleece within this product is choice for staying warm and active during the colder seasons. Retaining heat flawlessly, the spandex blend ensures a cozy, comfortable fit over your ears. It does not come with an adjustable headband and one size may not fit all. 

Not only does the Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, talk radio and more while you’re on the go and keeping warm, but you can wear them to sleep if you’re a fan of white noise or even random sounds. You can also answer a call without taking your hands out of your pockets. The Bluetooth control on the mask is on the middle and is ideal for side sleepers.


  • check
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Produces a soft light for relaxation and sleeping


  • Doesn’t turn on an off with sensors

More Common Questions

How do motion sensor lights work?

Most motion sensor lights operate by using infrared energy detection. More specifically, motion sensors function by having the ability to detect the temperature of a human being body, so they have a passive system that’s known as passive infrared.

Overall, the human body has a skin temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that the human is capable of radiating somewhere between nine and 10 micrometers in wavelengths of infrared energy. That being said, most infrared motion sensors have the ability to detect anywhere from eight to 12 micrometers of wavelengths.

In addition to the temperature of your body, motion sensors must also have the ability to detect motion. Most motion sensors aren’t able to turn on and function properly unless there is some type of movement by the human body in front of the sensor.

In order to recognize that there is a human body moving, motion sensors are capable of looking for any rapid changes in the amount of infrared energy in one specific spot. So when you walk by the sensor, the device is able to pick up the change in infrared energy at one spot in time, resulting in the light turning on.

Furthermore, motion sensor lights have the ability to detect movement from your body throughout a wide lens area, so you don’t have to worry about producing movement in a certain specific spot in front of the device.

Do sleep masks prevent dark circles?

Most night lights on the market come in a variety of different colors and designs. That’s because each of these night light colors are able to administer varying effects for different purposes. Most of them typically either come in a blue, red, yellow or some of shade in between these colors.

If you’re planning on using a light that can help you fall asleep, then you may find it beneficial to use a red or dark yellow shade color night light. These lights are capable of being left on all night without negatively affecting the amount of sleep that you receive.

These warmer colors like red, orange, yellow and pink are most beneficial for when you’re trying to sleep because they have the ability to shine without disrupting your body’s sleep-wake cycle.

Any of these warmer colors are most beneficial for your sleeping because they don’t trigger the areas of the brain that are responsible for waking you up. For instance, when you wake up in the morning, the bright light from the sun coming through your windows can likely stimulate your brain, acknowledging it that it’s time to get up. 

Can I use a sleep mask everyday?

It depends on the certain color shade of the night light that you have. Night lights that shine warmer colors aren’t as capable of negatively affecting your sleep as others, since they don’t stimulate brain activity.

But if you have a night light that constantly shines a white or blue color, then it can signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up. From that, these lights can negatively affect your sleep cycle and result in less sleep.

Not only does the color of the light affect your sleep, but the amount of time that it’s left on also affects your sleep. Ultimately, leaving a night light on all night long can distract your sleep, so sleeping in the dark will produce the best overall results. That’s why having a motion light is the best option, since it turns off when everything is still. 

Concluding Remarks

Overall, each of the lights on this list offers you the ability to illuminate certain areas throughout your home in the middle of the night. But each of them offer specific benefits that can make choosing the best one difficult.

Because of that, you’re most recommended to purchase product #5: VAVA Night Light for Kids. This night light not only produces a soft shine that doesn’t disrupt sleeping, but it has the ability to be transported anywhere with you throughout the night. Because of that as well as the affordable price, you should purchase the VAVA Night Light for Kids on the market. 

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