Best Oil Diffusers for 2020

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If you’ve seen the advertisements and testimonials regarding the popularity of essential oils, you might be asking if there is a difference between all the different oil diffusers on the market. From cheap options that work by lighting a candle under the oil receptacle to contraptions with motors and pumps, oil diffusers are a continually growing market.

So how do you choose which kind and which model to buy for your home? There are several factors to consider, such as your home size and any allergies. The following guide presents several options for oil diffusers and goes over their pros and cons.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

This unit from Pure Daily Care is shaped securely, with the majority of the weight from the oil, water, and diffuser mechanism being the heaviest and concentrating in the bottom of the diffuser. Made of a light wooden outer shell, this diffuser features easy on/off and settings buttons with seven ambient light modes and the potential for fourteen different light combinations overall.

Pure Daily Care’s diffuser comes with ten essential oils to drop into the diffuser, either by themselves or by combining two or more. However, always check to make sure the combination will not produce toxic fumes or cause irritation.

• Easy to use
• Wood grain creates a classic look
• Strong scent when used

• Clogs easily
• Internal mechanisms can overheat

VicTsing Upgraded Mini Oil Diffuser

For those of you who my want a more posh, modern look to all elements of your decor including diffusers, this model may be a perfect choice. Available in a teardrop shape with four different colors of wood grain on the shell, it is discreet enough to be working in the background but pretty enough to be a popular centerpiece in any room it is put in.

Because it is portable, this diffuser is small enough to be packed in your luggage without worrying about parts snapping off or becoming loose. A sturdy base and flared tip make this diffuser an excellent choice for taking on vacation or even using in a more outdoor setting.

• Emits enough vapor to pleasantly fragrance an entire room
• Very quiet
• Automatic shutoff when the water runs out

• Leaks after extended use
• Mist can become too heavy to properly diffuse

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium, Essential Oil Diffuser

A diffuser with multiple modes is a smart purchase for consumers who may have different vaporization needs. A finer mist may be ideal while sleeping, while intermittent pumps of fragrance during the day help the house smell nice while not overpowering the senses. This diffuser comes in three different colored bases and is capable of emitting five different sequences of vapor.

The part that lights up and can be adjusted to light up in different colors is quite large, allowing more light to shine through. This diffuser could possibly function as an oil-diffusing nightlight or even as an ambiance aid in sessions of meditation.

• Made from nontoxic, eco-friendly materials
• Double function as a humidifier
• Easy to clean

• The emitted mist can thin out over time
• The buttons can stick after repeated use

Homeweeks 100ml Colorful Essential Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode

Wood-grain diffusers are wildly popular, but maybe you prefer a more innocuous look. In that case, this model from Homeweeks might be exactly what you are looking for. A semi-transparent shell allows the various light settings to shine through without any distractions, enabling a relaxing experience without interruption. Because this diffuser can run for up to three hours in continuous mode, it makes a perfect addition to any self-care or relaxation routine.

Another appealing feature of this diffuser is that it has an intermittent mode. What this means is that it will diffuse for thirty seconds, then do nothing for thirty seconds, and repeat the process until it enters automatic shutdown or runs out of water.

• Sized perfectly for everyday use
• Very quiet
• Excellent customer service

• Over heats the water
• Difficult to open

Smart Wifi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy 400ml Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier

A spout shaped like a lotus blossom and a wide, well-balanced base make this modern take on diffusers a surefire hit. Available in a smooth black and gray wood grain finish, the vapors this diffuser produces waft out of the top and, thanks to the wider spout, are distributed across a less restricted space immediately upon expulsion.

Although it is very sleek, the standout feature of this item is not the long neck or the smooth finish. This diffuser can be controlled through wifi and even can be programmed to work with Alexa and Google voice command assistants. All settings, from setting a timer to adjusting the mist intensity, can be programmed to work wirelessly through vocal instructions, making this diffuser a perfect addition to any smart home, or really any home at all.

• Quick setup of wifi connection
• Has a strong mist on high and low settings
• Sleek and beautiful

• Incompatible with some speeds of internet
• Lights in some units have been shown to die quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a diffuser with oil do?

Diffusers with oil utilize water as a base and mix the particles of each together. They take this mixture and, since oil and water do not actually blend together, push it out through the top in a mist form that floats through the air and puts a pleasant odor into it. Some essential oils may even have therapeutic effects, such as peppermint’s reported ability to ease nausea.

Is diffusing essential oils safe for your lungs?

Some essential oils should not be diffused. Tea tree oil, for example, can be extremely irritating to delicate lungs such as those of a pet or child. Some essential oils have to be used with a carrier oil as a way of diluting them and preventing chemical burns. The best course of action to determine the safety of something you or a loved one is breathing in is to consult a doctor. If this option is not available, doing research on the safety of each individual oil you plan to diffuse would be an ideal backup plan.

How many drops of essential oil do you put in a diffuser?

While the answer to this question depends partially on personal preference, a good starting point for a standard-sized reservoir in a diffuser is six to eight drops of the chosen oil or oils. Again, safety is paramount, so if any oils are combined you must make sure they are safe to diffuse together.


Many of these diffusers are good quality products from reputable companies, and so it can be difficult to sort through them and any others to make an informed decision. Many of the diffusers listed here have a lot in common, from special features to lighting sequences. However, with the rising popularity and use of smart home assistants, the voice connect diffuser from Sierra Modern Home is an excellent choice. Always read reviews, and always be sure to thoroughly research any oil combinations.

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