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Sleep is a minimalistic endeavor, yet so many options to change your experience. It’s often difficult and costly to go out and buy a new mattress or expensive pillows and sheets. In this case, less is more and making one simple change to your sleeping routine can be a complete game changer—-a sleep mask.

Could you be getting better sleep? The answer is always YES! You may ask how this can be achieved and I have answers for you. Eliminating light, noise and having a cooling or heating comfort against your eyes can maximize your nightly sleeping experience and take it from lackluster to peaceful slumber.

 Sleep masks are a very personal and custom experience and when you’re shopping for your ideal mask, there are many things to consider. What if it’s too tight against your head? What if the material itches? Will it really keep the light out? How much will it cost? What is the best travel sleep mask?

 In the next section, I am going to showcase some of the most quality and affordable masks on the market today. We will explore many options and break down the features, pros and cons of each mask with the intent to provide as much comfort and ease as the products do. You will be sleeping like a baby!

Top 5: ​Sleep Masks

MZOO 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

Let’s take a look at the MZOO 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask in a four color variety and inexpensive price point. It is a three dimensional, memory foam eye mask for both men and women. This eye mask comes with a contoured cup and concave molded shape ideal for any set of eyes.

This mask is perfect for optimal sleeping comfort as well as a comforting eye shade cover for yoga or meditation purposes. There is no heavy pressure on the eyes, with a more wide length and deeper eye space than most of your basic flat masks. It comes with an adjustable headband that is known to lose its elasticity over time like most similar materials, but it in no way jeopardizes the effectiveness of the product. 


  • Perfect for optimal sleeping comfort
  • No heavy pressure on the eyes
  • Comes with an adjustable headband


  • Might be necessary to wear the adjustable strap a little higher on the back of your head to completely block the light from coming in the lower edge of the mask

For an ergonomically specialized eye mask, check out the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask for a softer pillow like approach to sleep. With a brand new, innovative design and extensive ergonomic research this mask is designed to fit every head size perfectly. It executes a perfect light block-out in any setting at any time, leaving your eyes feeling free and non restricted. It is one hundred percent handmade with a concise, clean and smooth seam to ensure little to no rubbing or irritation.

This mask has a little extra love sewn into it and it sure to do the trick if you’re seeking comfort. The pillowy soft texture and triangular wing design prevents your mask from moving and distract your eyes and head from added pressure, resulting in a relaxing sleep and refreshed wake up.This mask consists of five layers of soft and breathable material that is friendly to all skin types and leaves no marks after overnight use.Mavogel recently updated this mask to have a softer, more lengthy and full adjustable strap ranging from 19-26 inches. Every circumference can fit this mask! It has been known to be less comforting to those with smaller faces and head sizes and is  Not ideal for children. 


  • check
    Wing design prevents your mask from moving
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Prevents head from falling to the side


  • Not ideal for leaning against surfaces
  • Less comforting for those with smaller heads and children

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow, Cold Therapy Headache, Migraine, Sinus Pain, Patented, Universal Size

For a more medical approach, let’s explore the IMAK Compression Eye Mask. This mask was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to provide relief from migraine headaches, tension headaches, stress headaches, sinus pain and eye strain. It is also known to aid in ultimate relaxation when resting, meditating, traveling or providing eye relief after computer work or video gaming. It conforms to the face and eyes, keeping light out. The best part of this breathable, cotton eye mask is that is made with massaging ergoBeads that create a gentle pressure and massaging effect around your eyes and the facial muscles surrounding. 

This mask specializes in soothing tired and puffy eyes, adding a cooling relief. It is freezer and heating safe! Do not expect the temperature effects to last very long as this will not hold cold or heat for hours, you will have to refreeze or reheat your mask for lasting results. The innovative and unique seam stitching relieves stress on the eye by alleviating direct pressure. It is very easy to keep clean and is 100% washable.


  • check
    Great for soothing tired and puffy eyes
  • No direct pressure on eyesEasy to keep clean


  • Will not hold cold or heat for hours

Eye Mask for Sleeping,Unimi Sleep Mask for Men Women, Block Out Light,Comfort and Lightweight 3D Eye Cover,Pressure-Free Eye Shades for Travel,Shift Work,Naps,Night Blindfold (Black)

Perhaps, a simpler and basic experience with the Unimi Memory Foam Sleep Mask would work best for you with all of the essentials and a very affordable price. In some sleep experiences, less is more and Umimi knows how to craft simple and effective. Crafted with high quality memory foam, a thinner material providing better absorption of heat and strong air permeability. It is seasonally friendly providing a cozy warmth in colder temperatures and a lightweight, less stuffy and cooler feel. The eye space was created with more width to alleviate pressure on the eyes and not irritate eyelashes. With this eye mask, comfort is key! 

Total blackout blindfold design on the nose section with an invisible foam, preventing light leak whether bright or low. Ideal for a light sleeper! This nose section may or may not fit all nose shapes depending on width or broad nose bridges.

Made with a light and smooth texture, it is perfect for those who suffer from dry-eye, migraines and insomnia. It is made with an elastic polyester material holding antibacterial properties that are great for sensitive eyes. This material is also anti-mute and extremely durable. Complete with an extremely gentle, easy to adjust headband, this mask provides no pain and an ease when wearing. The adjustable length aids in avoiding a constricting and tight feeling around the head.


  • check
    Black blindfold design
  • Perfect for those who suffer from dry eye, migraines and insomnia
  • Easy to adjust headband


  • Material could be a little softer

Joseche Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask, Joseche Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Music Travel Sleeping Headphones Handsfree Sleeping Mask with Built-in Speakers Microphone Washable (Black)

If you prefer bells and whistles, then the Joseche Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Sleep Headphones is the golden ticket for your ideal sleeping experience! This mask is known to have everything! Designed to look like a sports headband, it is practical and stylish all at the same time. Made with a fantastic fleece material, they serve as an excellent pair of ear warmers that are complementary to outdoor activity. The most redeeming quality of this product would have to be the Bluetooth capability, you can listen to whatever your heart desires! One of the best travel sleep masks you can find. This mask gives you warmth, comfort and performance. 

This mask comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery and USB cable with rechargeable capabilities. You can get 10-12 hours of use before having to charge again! Also, the fleece within this product is choice for staying warm and active during the colder seasons. Retaining heat flawlessly, the spandex blend ensures a cozy, comfortable fit over your ears. It does not come with an adjustable headband and one size may not fit all. 

Not only does the Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, talk radio and more while you’re on the go and keeping warm, but you can wear them to sleep if you’re a fan of white noise or even random sounds. You can also answer a call without taking your hands out of your pockets. The Bluetooth control on the mask is on the middle and is ideal for side sleepers.


  • check
    10-12 hours of use before having to recharge
  • Comfortable fit over ears
  • Bluetooth control position works for side sleepers


  • dDes not come with an adjustable headband

More Common Questions

What are the benefits of a sleep mask? 

Sleep masks are much cheaper than purchasing a set of blackout curtains if you have a problem with keeping light out. They are known for improving sleep quality and aiding in problems with insomnia sufferers! They’re better for your skin to help prevent wrinkles caused by pillowcase and collagen breakdowns from pillow impressions, keeping that delicate skin around your eyes intact. They also help to prevent dry eyes by providing a protection from dry air that may circulate from most home heating and cooling systems. 

Do sleep masks prevent dark circles?

Though dark circles are a hereditary skin condition, a good sleep mask with cooling properties can aid in preventing darker, puffy eyes. Sleeping with an eye mask ultimately will give you better sleep in turn helping with the appearance of looking well rusted and more awake.

Can I use a sleep mask everyday?

Absolutely! There is nothing but good that can come out of achieving your best night’s rest!

Concluding Remarks

Whether you need something heavy or light, soft, massaging or equipped with sound, the above products are an ideal spread of the best eye masks on the market today. My recommendation would be the Joseche Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Sleep Headphones due to their material, comfort and practicality. I personally love having warmth over my ears during fall and winter months, and taking my calls easily. Not to mention, with so many people using sounds to sleep, it is ideal to have optimum speakers and a more intimate and comforting feel.

 Purchasing your perfect sleep mask is essential. What are you waiting for? Evaluate your personal needs and take that step toward better sleep by purchasing your sleep mask today!

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