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3 Wedge Pillows for Side Sleepers and Relaxation While Reading In Bed

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Why should you buy a wedge pillow?
If you're looking for overall health improvement due to a good night's sleep, then wedge pillows are the ones you're searching for a soothing sleep session. Aside from a good night's sleep, here are some of the other substantial benefits of using a wedge pillow:

Wedge pillows provide relaxation: A wedge pillow permits you to relax as you do other activities like reading in bed or when you are watching TV. It makes certain your back and neck are relaxed.

Wedge pillows may be used in various places: Apart from using them for your back, they can also be applied to your legs and knees. They're lightweight which makes them simple to carry.

Upright recline: Do you like streaming movies or reading? You can put a wedge pillow in your mattress. It allows you to remain upright especially when you're reading for long hours or watching movies. Apart from that, it gives you comfort and warmth, unlike the headboard or wall.

You can use it anywhere: Among the greatest things using a wedge pillow is that it can be used anywhere for instance, on the couch, in a tent or on your bed or anywhere else because of their compact dimensions. They are also available in different sizes.

Prevents snoring: Are you one of those individuals with snoring problem? You need to give a wedge pillow a try as it retains your back and neck elevated. This means it will keep the airways open to protect against whistling when you are asleep.

Lactic acid reflux: The raised posture prevents stomach acid to grow towards the esophagus or throat when you are sleeping. A wedge pillow ensures you're comfortable throughout the night. These pillows make sure your shoulders and head are supported when you're asleep. Unlike other wedge pillows, these really are contoured and a bit longer to give you comfort.

Improves blood circulation: Greatest wedge pillows ensure that blood flows nicely particularly when put under your knees.

Relieves neck, lower back and hip pain: Wedge pillow provides the essential support and ensures your neck and head are well aligned. For more technical alternatives, check other places on the web for the best pillow for neck pain and/or tailbone pain.

What is a wedge pillow and how can it help acid reflux, snoring, and back pain?

Wedge pillows are triangular, unlike the ordinary pillows. These pillows are extremely useful for anyone who suffers from acid reflux, snoring and any breathing difficulty because they provide a proper elevation for the head.

They come in various sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Fundamentally, a wedge pillow works by elevating the upper body so the acid in the stomach can't flow up and stays within the stomach.
  • As a wedge pillow elevates the top body, it brings the whole airway into alignment, thus, improving snoring.
  • It distributes your body weight evenly and relieves pressure off your spine.

Important things to review before buying your next best sleeping pillow

If you're looking for a pillow that can protect your neck, start looking for one that's firm enough to give comfort. The material should also be hypoallergenic to secure your skin. The cover should be removable for cleaning purposes. In addition, consider the following:

Size & Purpose: You will find that wedge pillows are of different dimensions. For a little or single mattress, you can look at a single wedge pillow. For king and queen size beds, then you should look for a larger wedge pillow that could fit your bed. If you're searching for a pillow solely for sleeping, you can go for one with less of a slope, but if you want it for reading, you want one with a higher slope.

Durability & Cost: Most of the top quality wedge pillows are expensive but when purchasing, ensure you get a long lasting pillow. It's better to obtain a costly pillow that's durable than a cheap one that won't last for long. The majority of the affordable pillows might not be that comfortable because nearly all of them are composed of low-quality materials. But, you can still find an affordable pillow that is of high quality.

Amount of elevation: Make sure you aren't purchasing a wedge pillow which is too high or too steep for you. Such a pillow would be quite embarrassing for you. Again, in case it has a very steep inclination, the odds are it won't help you to relieve acid reflux.

Sleep design & Inclination: People sleep in various ways. If you are among those who sleep on your spine, you have to look for a soft wedge pillow that will support your spine. People who sleep on their sides should look for a thin and firm wedge pillow. A pillow that's too large may cause sleeping difficulties. A fantastic wedge pillow should incline 30-45 degrees.
Nonslip: Buying a wedge pillow is a fantastic idea but when purchasing, ensure the material you choose is non-slip. Some materials are extremely slick, and you might not be comfortable if you're using such a pillow. Pillows with less slope are highly recommended. If you think about purchasing one with a high gradient, then it's good to look for a pillowcase that stops you from slipping down when you're asleep.

Warranty & Refund: A quality wedge pillow should include a warranty so that in case you're not happy with the product, you should be able to take it back or get a refund later purchase.

Our recommended best wedge pillow

FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow

By supporting your upper back and shoulders, the bed wedge pillow promotes a much better sleep posture. Therefore, it can help reduce snoring, relieve back and neck pain, acid reflux, snoring, allergies and other breathing problems. The ergonomically designed pillow improves your sleeping posture, which may help stop orthopedic health issues along with your spine, neck, and shoulders.
This wedge pillow boasts 1.5 inches of memory foam located on top of a premium-grade polyurethane foam foundation. Known for its curative qualities and comfortable aid, memory foam immediately molds to the contours of the shoulders, neck and head to provide you with a comfortable, restful sleep.

Brentwood Wedge Pillow: Cheap Price for an Effective Solution

The Brentwood Wedge Pillow with Fixing Foam is a perfect sleep Remedy for elevating upper body, feet or legs.
You might also use it as a body stabilizer whilst lying on your side. This wedge pillow was made and designed for those that suffer from acid reflux, allergies, snoring, bad blood flow, breathing issues, hiatial hernias, neck or back problems. It provides a comfortable, gradual slope and utilizes gravity to help you decrease pain in your neck and shoulders, keep airways open and acid reflux down overnight. Additionally, it is fantastic for watching TV, sitting up or reading in your bed.

Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Pillow Bamboo Cover for Side Sleepers

The filling material plays a big part when selecting the most suitable pillow for those who sleep on their side. Memory foam pillows are incredibly popular among people who sleep on their side. The contoured shape of this memory foam pillow has made it one of the favorites for this category of sleepers. They will keep their shape and stay the same for a very long time. Thus, you can use this pillow for years and years with no replacement. This contoured feature is what makes it among the best pillows for side sleepers. It supports the head and throat of the person in addition to adjusting to the body's weight and temperature.

A few additional tips for wedge pillows in general:

Storage: There are pillows that come with a storage bag which you can also use when taking them from one place to another. It's excellent to guarantee the pillow is properly stored when it's not in use for it to survive more. It should not come into contact with fluids or dirt.

Use: Be certain you're using it for the correct purpose. Some wedge pillows are appropriate when placed underneath your back, under the knees or on your lap. Make sure you're using it for the right purpose.

Cleaning: Some wedge pillows include a removable cover. Make sure that you clean them frequently for them to serve you well. A fresh pillow enhances flow of the air and prevents bad odor.


Wedge pillows are a great investment particularly for those who have health issues such as acid reflux, respiratory problems, snoring.

In case you still haven't found one for yourself, you can consider picking up one of the ones mentioned above. This hold true especially if you are an avid reader or you like watching TV for long hours.

They can be used by anybody (for example your children) because they are available in different sizes. You can additionally use them anywhere including on the sofa.

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